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2 years ago
first lady knows how to ruin orgasms... stop stroking is cruel.
Frankie W. 2 years ago
Jerking a penis off into an open mouth is NOT a blowjob swallow!
1 year ago
First blonde chick sure knew how to paint her nails a lot better than she did how to finish a blowjob.
1 year ago
What a dumb cunt that first one
Btg 1 year ago
Who’s rhe girl at the end? I’m a fan she swallow so good!
1 year ago
Name of the first brunette girl please
Buster Gonads 1 year ago
Bashka the last one is an ultimate ball draining cum extractor. Wish she did more videos.
DaDoomsta 1 year ago
Who was the second chick in the thigh high sandals?
Cars 1 year ago
The girl at the end is da bomb!
Yes 1 year ago
This why I like to date white women they love giving head they swallow and not afraid to take a big dick anally. Also love married females having marital issues no strings attached debauchery type sex.